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The following personal quotations are derived from my book entitled “The 20 Golden Rules for Salespersons”.   I wrote them based on my experiences, good and bad, which I have endured throughout the different stages of my life.  They have been, and are still, a powerful guiding tool for me to stay focused, optimistic and afloat irrespective of negative impacts. They have given me immense determination and persistence to remain motivated and successful in all aspects of my life. Read and understand these quotations and apply them to your life and I feel sure your life will be positively transformed as they have done for me.


Your customers are your employers for without them you have no business and no income. You have nothing. (Page 69)

Customers are your best and worst messengers. Treat them well and they will spread good words of your business like wildfire and you will prosper.  Treat them badly and they will bring destruction to your dreams and crush them to smithereens! (Page 134)


No man is discouraged if he fails to save a damsel in distress. Disappointed but not discouraged. (Page 77)

The pot of gold is already at the end of the rainbow and it is all up to you to reach out and pick it up. (Page 144)

“Keep up with the Joneses” is a powerful driving force behind one’s outstanding accomplishments. This phrase keeps our motivation high as we seek to improve our worldly possessions by replicating the lifestyle of our neighbours. (Page 145)

Rome was not built in a day. Time and hard work are necessary to accomplish wealth. Fortunes are seldom created by inheritance, qualifications or intelligence. It is the result of hard work and conscientious savings. (Page 146)

Steer straight ahead. Don’t be frustrated and bothered by those around you who do not support you and believe in you. (Page 152)

Pursue your dream with full force and never let the surroundings, people’s negative advices, the restrictions of past achievements cloud up your positive vision. (Page 153)

Persistence is the key to success. Every time you fall, pick yourself up and do it again. If your opportunity fails to bear fruit, look for another one and do it all over! (Page 153)

No farewell gifts to your loved ones are as priceless as your dreams which you have painstakingly accomplished during your lifetime. (Page 153)


Envy is normally caused by pride, by enmity, the fear of losing one’s dominance, fear of one’s diminishing importance in the world of high fliers. (Page 147)

Envy is a virus that eats away the seeds of self progress. (Page 149)

An envious person is so preoccupied with other people’s affairs that he has little time left to achieve. (Page 149)


The end result of work is profit. But the result is not complete without freedom and happiness. (Page 20)


Life is short. Today is one day closer to meeting your Creator than yesterday. (Page 153)


Practice doesn’t make perfect, only flawless groundwork makes perfect. (Page 25)


Politics and religion are becoming inextricably intertwined. They can become a repelling wedge that generates a growing tension and division in one’s Society. (Page 37)


Life without a problem is a fairytale. (Page 147)


If you see anything which displeases you, ignore it and say nothing. Keep your mouth shut! But if you see or hear anything pleasant which deserves credit, say so. (Page 65)

Painting a bed of roses will land oneself in a bed of thorns. (Page 68)

You will be doomed as a salesperson if you break the sales ethics. Adam ate the forbidden fruit of Eden and paid dearly for it. (Page 76)

You are what you speak. To belittle others is to belittle yourself. (Page 83)

When you think and talk positively of others, people will think and talk positively of you. (Page 90)

A muddy river obscures its depth and content. A crocodile mouth waits for those who leap. (Page 96)

It is alright to use other people to get what you want as long as your actions are to their advantage too. (Page 134)


Smile is contagious. When you smile, your prospect will smile with you. Talk with a smiling face and make occasional jokes. This will break the ice. (Page 31)

If a salesman smiles all the time, in all probability he is using it to distract attention on his defective products. (Page 32)


When you make mistakes, you feel foolish but successful people were once fools. (Page 11)

Success is a collection of tiny drops of water continuously dripping into a large barrel. (Page 21)

A magnet which attracts metal successfully must be a metal itself. To attract successfully, you must be attractive yourself. (Page 30)

Some people have succeeded more than they have expected because others believed in them. (Page 72)

The definition of Success is hard work, accept failures, determine to go on and have strong will power to flourish. There is no shortcut. (Page 140)

People become successful because they choose to be and not because of what they are. Children of rich parents have money to burn but they are not necessarily successful. (Page 144)

All your educational tools and qualifications are worthless in your pursuit for success unless you have a strong determination to succeed. For without persistence, you cannot hope to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (Page 152)

God is the driving force behind your success. Without Him you may achieve temporarily but you will collapse. (Page 154)


The view is breathtaking at the top but it is not gratifying to be on your own. Loneliness will gradually obliterate your achievements. (Page 72)

Every person you help to succeed creates one additional ladder rung for you. The more rungs you have the closer you get to the top. (Page 73)


Friendship and health are more important than wealth. The recipe of materialistic possessions is not complete without these ingredients. (Page 78)

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